Yes! We provide music for weddings and special events in Colorado and Wyoming!

From Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland and Windsor to Steamboat, Genesee, Estes Park, Vail and Breckenridge, Chris Kelly and Ryan Kramer have traveled the state as Wedding DJ and Host.  For a couple of guys with nearly 30 combined years in radio and the music biz, you’d think working weddings wouldn’t rank too high on our list of “fun” things we’ve done?  Think again!  WE LOVE IT!  Weddings are a blast for us and we are STOKED for the possibility of DJ’ing and Hosting yours!

This isn’t just a wedding. This is show business. And for the price of admission, it’d better be the best damn show ever. That’s what we have done for years and it’s what we will do for your wedding.

Best of all, you’ve probably already been to an event we’ve hosted or heard us on the radio, so it’s kinda like you already know us!  No creepy, stranger wedding DJ with a bad mustache and sparkly vest!

Click the “Contact Us” button up at the top right of this page to get started right away, with no obligation. If you have a promo code, enter it in the “Comments” box on the form that pops up.  Or, you’re welcome to call us as well … 970.673.7725!

You can also click through the tabs below to find out more about how we can make your day our coolest wedding yet, find the answers to frequently asked questions and more!

True or false: Your typical wedding DJ knows what to do to save the show if a Grammy award winning band is playing your show and their crew’s flight from Newark is cancelled, leading the band to completely meltdown, freak out and want to cancel hours before doors open. Answer: FALSE, but Chris Kelly and Kramer do! And the show went off without a hitch!

You see, it’s the intangible wild cards that set us apart. In 2011, after years of people inquiring, Chris Kelly and close friend/music director Ryan Kramer decided to take on weddings, special events and more – with Kramer on the music and CK on the mic as your host.  Just google “Wedding DJ”, then click on images and look at the pics of the guys you see there.  We are NOT that guy.  Here’s why we bring a different level of professionalism to your special day:

  • Music and Entertainment pros with more than 30 years combined experience in programming, events, promotions and emceeing (but that doesn’t make us old!).
  • Unlimited music library and research to back up what’s a hit and what’s not. We get the music dialed in and locked.
  • We know how to handle a crowd of a few dozen to 10,000+ (not many wedding DJ’s have been on stage in front of 10,000+ people!  Reading the crowd is EVERYTHING to making your party a success!
  • We fit into whatever role you want us to: quiet and in the background or cranking the party up to level 12, doing shots with your crazy aunt and hanging off a chandelier. You tell us what you want, we do it!
  • We MIX the music, not just play it. That’s a perk of a two-man road show!
  • We’re not cheesy. You know the cheesy guy and that’s not us. We won’t elaborate.
  • We work closely with you (and/or your planner) leading up to and especially on your big day.  You sit back and breathe, CK will handle it.
  • Simply put, we bring a WOW factor to your special day.
  • The band was Train, by the way.

Working with CK and Kramer is a breeze.  Here’s the process, start to finish.

  • You click the “Contact Us” button up at the top right of this page and send us some brief details to get the ball rolling.
  • We meet you in person or on the phone, you tell us about your big day and your expectations. Kramer takes mad notes.
  • You’ll fill out a pretty extensive digital form on your custom page we build for you, laying out all the particulars for your perfect event… from specific songs you want to exactly what you want us to say, what time’s the key events happen, who we’re introducing, where you want Chris Kelly to stand, etc. Everything buttoned up!
  • Kramer will review your worksheet with you after you complete it, then CK and Kramer both will review with you again before the big day.
  • We get into the venue early to get setup.  CK flirts with your high strung aunt or family friend who’s been in your business all day and gets her to calm down. We test equipment early, then usually hang around and help you out with last minute details, like who decided the dog was going to be the ring bearer?
  • If we’re doing music for the ceremony, we take care of business.  If not…
  • CK welcomes your guests into the reception, answers questions, tips off the bartender he needs to water down Uncle John’s scotch as the night goes on.
  • We steer your guests through dinner, with the music you picked.
  • We handle all the usuals: toasts, dances, cake cutting… at this point you’re pretty over being pushed and pulled everywhere.
  • When the party starts, we get that thing going and keep it going as long as we can.  We may or may not have contributed to some fines for going past curfew because the party was too good (but in all cases, the bride’s dad agreed to keeping it going!!).
  • You leave for your honeymoon and live happily ever after.  Perfect, right?!

What is the perfect wedding?

To us, it’s one where the day after, you wake up with a smile thinking back on the laughs and good times you and all your guests had the night before, and wishing it wasn’t over. One where you can confidently say, the day after, that everything went off without a single glitch.

You’d be only partially right… The glitches will happen, in fact they happen at every wedding. But if you and your guests didn’t notice, you know you hired the right vendors. Chris Kelly Media & Innovation is one of those vendors. We can’t tell you how many glitches we’ve fixed behind the scenes without brides, grooms, family or guests not even knowing. And not just on the DJ side of things… Funny thing is we find we’re often the last ones to speak with you right before the big day, and because of that, we have your most recent and updated schedule and vision for how its all supposed to go. As a result, know how many times the venue, photographers, coordinators, etc. end up going off our schedule?

What happens when the fathers of the bride and groom end up giving impromptu, unscheduled speeches that last over 30 minutes and send your schedule to the garbage can?  We call an audible, rearrange it on the fly for you and sweet talk your photographers into staying an extra hour so that they don’t miss the first dance and cake cutting, that’s what. And never tell you they said to had to leave in the first place. Then we put the schedule back on track. What, you didn’t notice that for a moment things were falling apart behind the scenes? ;)

This isn’t just a wedding. This is show business. And for the price of admission, it’d better be the best damn show ever. That’s what we have done for years and it’s what we will do for your wedding. 

That’s the difference between us and everyone else. Most companies send a guy to play your music and mumble into the mic now and then. We are a two man team… One, a music expert, armed with all kinds of research, that seamlessly mixes the perfect soundtrack for your ceremony, reception and the best damn party you’ve ever been to… Creating those “movie moments” as we like to call them. The other, a seasoned radio personality and emcee who has the ability to execute audibles when necessary and to wander behind the scenes and ensure that the little things are happening correctly, as you dreamed them up. Let’s face it, the best man is going to wander off before his toast. CK is going to find him, period.

We are a couple of guys you’ve either seen host a high profile event in Colorado or have at least likely heard us on the radio… Our single focus is to make you proud to say we hosted the biggest day and best party of your life.

We’re not the cheapest you’re going to find. But we’re not the most expensive, either. And when it comes to going cheap, the expression “you get what you pay for” is an understatement when it comes to a make or break for your wedding day: the DJ and entertainment.

Let’s start right now.  Call us at (970) 673-7725, or click the “Contact Us” button up at the top right of this page to start planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s included in your packages?

A: All packages are custom built specifically for you and your event, but generally speaking all the necessary equipment to produce the right sound, all music, microphones, set up and tear down time, DJ for the music and host for emcee duties and coordinating behind the scenes is included in every package. Other companies send one guy, we always send two.

Q: Does that make you more expensive?

A: No, not always. There will always be cheap options when it comes to a wedding DJ, but believe us, we’ve seen that guy and so have you, and he’s a mood killer. Do it right, don’t go cheap. We’ll work with your budget the best we can.

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

A: We have enough equipment to blow the walls out of an underground bunker if we need it. Otherwise, we have a ton of different options to insure that what we bring is exactly what your venue commands.  We don’t bring cheesy lights… we sub-contract custom professional lighting if you want it. A perk of using our connections.

Q: What are your payment arrangements?

A: 50% up front to secure the date, the other 50% due at the end of the night.  We accept cash, check and Visa/Mastercard.

Q: If we can’t afford you or you’re not available on our date, do you know anyone else?

A: YES!  We have a couple other go-to guys we work with that we use for overflow booking and that are a slightly less expensive option. Send an inquiry anyway and we’ll get you all set up!